What is Blackwater Tubing about

blackwater tubing Storms river Tubing Garden Route activitiesTsitsikamma Black water Tubing, A.K.A. “Storms river Tubing” is a unique, five hour fun filled adventure, including tubi paddling nad balancing,swimming, tube tipping, nature walking, birding, rock jumping, Although similar to 'kloofing' it is dis-similar in that stormsriver tubing caters for the wild and the mild adventurer as all rock jumps are optioanl as are rapids on high water.. Blackwater Tubing is a unique adventure into an untouched presine rocky gorge in the heart of the Garden Route - The indigenous forest section of Tsitsikamma National Park.


What should I expect from Blackwater Tubing

stormsriver-tubing-tsitsikammaUnder low water conditions (0-20mm rainfall) the Stormsriver Black Water Tubing experience is similar to kloofing where one paddles the pools and walks the shallow sections.

On medium to high water (20-600mm rainfall), Black water Tubing is packed with action as rapids become runable. Grade 3 rapids and rock jumps are optional and our trained swiftwater safety guides are always ready to assist the feint hearted negotiating the fast flowing sections


Is Blackwater Tubing physically demanding

Black water tubing blackwater tubing stormsriver tubingOur Black water tubing trips can be physically demanding and therefore participants need to be over 12  years old, not pregnant and have a reasonable level of fitness.This "pool & drop" river can be difficult to navigate and therefore people over the 110Kg (240 Pounds) weight range or with joint problems should carefully consider before doing the Blackwater tubing trip.

When & where will we be tubing?

Blackwater tubing Storms river Activities Garden RouteWe are open year round and no longer do we close for the winter months. Although the water is cold in winter, we have some of our best weather day during our winter months with nice high water conditions on the Storms River. Hey that's what warm wetsuits are there for!

On high water we run the top section of the river between the N2 and the Old Storms River Pass. Here the river is wider with some super fun rapids and spectacular Tsitsikamma frest scenery.

On low water we run through the narrow gorge with the exit at the Storms River mouth in the world renowned Tsitsikamma National Park (Heart of the Garden Route) in South Africa.




Will the tubing trip be scenic?

Blackwater Tubing Tsitsikamma Stormsriver Tubing South AfricaWith Tsitsikamma Black water tubing you will have an unforgettable experience in one of the most spectacular landscapes on offer in South Africa, with towering mountains, ever green forest canopies, deep cut gorges and tinted black rivers.



Blackwater tubing & medical conditions

Blackwater Tubing Tsitsikamma Garden Route Storms River TubingTsitsikamma Black water Tubing strive to make adventure activities accessible to everyone, but are fully aware of the risks involved and urge participants with medical conditions like heart conditions, diabetes, asthma, joint problems, etc. to check with their physician prior to the trip. Clients who suffer from severe allergies must bring along the necessary medication. Clients who suffer from claustrophobia might feel uncomfortable from time to time during the trip.

Our APA certification requires that all our guides can do level 3 first aid, which we comply with. We do take a first aid kit allong as a safety precaution.





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