More about Blackwater Tubing

Blackwater Tubing Storms River Tubing Black water Tubing SABlackwater Tubing (Stormsriver Tubing) is the ultimate adventure experience that derives its name from the color of the Storms river water. The 'black water' color is caused by tannin leaching out of plant matter much like tea.

The Storms river water is palatable but its ph is too low to sustain any significant aquatic life resulting in a clear Rocky River bed lined by Palmiet grass and majestic Tsitsikamma trees.

Tubing trips take place in the Plaatbos Nature reserve and Tsitsikamma National Park. It is only Blackwater Tubing participants that have access to the remote and picturesque areas through which our groups traverse.

The Storms River in Tsitsikamma is only approximately 25km long from its origin in the Tsitsikamma mountains to its mouth in the Tsitsikamma National Park. It is for this reason that we run the adventure with the use of specialised one person inflatable river tubes and because 90% of all tubing trips are run on low water. 

The storms river is nonetheless classified as swift water river and on medium to high water level, it offers super fun roller-coaster rides through rapids with names such as "Morning Glory, Roller Coaster, Rock 'n Roll, Double Trouble, Sally Spears Wash Machine and Double Dumper". 

Our high water season (general rainfall months) includes the months of September, October, November, December March and April.

We can however never guarantee water levels and it is therefore advisable to call ahead if you are looking for a high water trip.

As a general rule, we use YR as our weather guide and the Storms River needs approximately 25-30mm of rain to fall in one day  after a dry spell to produce a white water experience.



Low Water 0-15mm rainfall

Blackwater Tubing South Africa Stormsriver Tubing Garden RouteUnder low water conditions we highly recommend the Full Day Tubing excursion as this is what it's all about.

The full day tubing experience is somewhat a cross between kloofing and caving where one traverses the narrowest sections of the river.

Here the river spans a mere two meters wide in places with 110m high canyon walls within fingertips and toes reach on either side.

Our Half day trips take place  on a beautiful forested section of the Plaatbos Nature Reserve where the pool & drop river system makes long serene pools and short bony (rocky) sections.

On both trips one paddles the pools and walks the shallow sections.

On all trips we offer optional rock and tube jumps where one can climb a bank and take part in the jump from an elevated point.


Meduim – High Water 15-600mm rainfall (Subject to previous rainfall)

Blackwater Tubing Garden Route Storms river Tubing South AfricaOn medium to high water, Black water Tubing is packed with action as rapids with names like "Roller Coaster, Rock 'n Roll, Sally & Double Dumper" become runable.

All high water trips require a good level of fitness as one has to paddle and steep walk out at the end is compulsory.

Please remember that if you would like to get a high water experience to call a day ahead of your trip